Do you have to live in the US or Canada to play in the league?

The league is open to any player in the world, regardless of nationality. 

Is there a limit to the number of players allowed from a specific country?

League rules require a minimum of 25% of rostered players to be permanent residents of the United States or Canada.  The goal of the league is to provide the highest level of play possible in North America while growing the sport domestically in the US and Canada.

How will players be matched with teams? What if I want to change teams?

Every player that joins the league will have his/her information added to a player database.  This database will be made available to team officials beginning on September 1st, and each team will contact players as they see fit.  In order to cultivate as elite of a league as possible, the impetus is on each team to recruit the best talent they can find worldwide, and this database will give them an excellent starting point to find players willing and able to play in North America.  Players will sign a contract with the team, but trades or simple player movements are allowed when agreed upon by the player, owners, and the league.  After two weeks of league play, the rosters may not be changed for the remainder of the season. 

How many players will be on each roster?

Due to the semi-professional nature of the league, it may be difficult to ensure that every player is available for every game, as other conflicts may arise.  For this reason, each team is allowed 30 players on their roster.  However, only 20 may dress for any given game, and this 20 must include two goalies.  a minimum of 25% of dressed players must be permanent residents of the US or Canada.  Those that are in reserve may or may not travel with the team, so as to have alternates in case of injury or substitutions.  The final 20 player roster for each game must be submitted to the secretariat 30 minutes prior to the start of each game.  It is possible to have all 30 players play in a weekend.

Do I need a transfer to play in the NAFL?

You need to do an intercontinental visitor transfer by the IFF from you current club to your NAFL team. This only applies if you currently have a player license to an IFF connected club.

Read more at the IFF webpage


Who pays for travel?

Each team will decide how players are compensated, if at all.  As a startup, semi-professional league it is likely that most travel and lodging will be self-funded.  Each team is responsible for providing a suitable venue and equipment, as well as IFF approved uniforms.  Teams may provide these at no cost to the players, or they may require that each player pay a fee.  It is likely that team owners will develop sponsorship agreements to offset many of these costs.  International players should have the option of residing with a billet family during their time in North America.

Why is the season so short?

The inaugural season has been intentionally compressed into 5 weeks to allow international players the opportunity to play with as minimal expense as possible.  Roster sizes have been increased because it is probable that some players will not be able to make every weekend. 

If I sign up as a player, am I guaranteed to be on a team?

No.  This is a high level, semi-professional league, and team owners have a financial incentive to field the best athletes available.  That being said, it is also a developmental league, and a team’s long term success depends on developing players.  It is assumed that rosters will include a mix of top European players along with the best local players available. 

Am I required to live where my team plays?

That is up to each owner.  While it makes sense to live in your team’s city, all but one of your weekends will be spent on the road.  Therefore it is possible to live in another city and still play for your team.  This is especially true for international players who want to experience North America by traveling from venue to venue during the season while still playing floorball on the weekends.  As noted, it is up to each owner to determine practice requirements and travel schedules for the players.

I paid for a membership for 2021. Is it valid for 2022?

Yes.  All memberships and cards will transfer to 2022.  There is nothing else you need to do.  All player contact information will still be available to team owners and coaches.

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