NAFL Season 2 Update

The NAFL has completed its first season, and it was by all accounts a great success. High level competition, fun for the players, and a long list of learnings for the team owners and the league. One great thing that happened was the high level of interest from great floorball players all over the world. Players representing 11 different countries all played in the NAFL this season.  Some were recruited, some came with their friends, and some were chosen after filling out the “Player Interest” on the NAFL website. Each submission was added to the player database that is available to all owners and coaches.

A few changes that you will see in 2023. We expect to play with either five or six teams next season.  We are actively growing, but we are doing it slowly and responsibly. The league is currently talking with three potential owners, but we will allow no more than two new teams next year. We also have interest from owners for 2024 and beyond, so the future looks bright! We are taking applications for 2023 through October 1st of this year, although it is possible that the two spots for 2023 will be filled before then. Interested parties can contact the league via this link: “Owner Interest

Our format will be similar to our first season, but teams will not play multiple games in a single day next year. It made sense from a cost perspective year one, but it was hard on the players and others. We will still play over the course of 4 weeks, and the tentative start date is July 6th. Additionally, the playoffs will not have consolation games. While those are common in tournaments, this is a league, and in the playoffs it is “Win or go home”.

The winter owners’ meeting will be held the weekend of November 18th. We will discuss other changes at that time, as well as work on making next season even better than the last.

All player and referee data was archived on July 1st, 2022. Any player that is interested in playing in 2023 should fill out the “Player Interest” form here. Referees interested in calling NAFL games should fill out the “Referee Interest” form here.

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