Ownership Opportunity

You have been identified as a potential candidate for a team ownership opportunity in the North American Floorball League.  Congratulations!  This means that you are considered an influencer in the fasting growing sport in North America!  For league information, click here.

The NAFL is looking for qualified individuals or groups to own a team in its inaugural season.  As an owner, you will have sole responsibility for all aspects of running a sports team, subject to the rules and guidelines of the NAFL.  Owners should have experience running a business or sports team and the financial capital to invest in the team.  Owners must show the ability to host a weekend of games during the NAFL season at a suitable venue using IFF approved boards, goals, and flooring.  Professional referees will be provided by the NAFL for all league sanctioned games at no charge to the team.  A group of players may form an ownership group, but one person must be identified as the Team Governor for purposes of interacting with the league and the Board of Governors.

Revenue opportunities abound and are only limited by your imagination!  Local sponsors, ticket and concession sales, and merchandise sales just scratch the surface of your income potential.  Camps for kids are always popular, and profitable!  Adopt-a-player campaigns are easy to run and easy to explain.  As the league grows and expands, revenue sharing from the league will also help offset ownership expenses.  And the best option of all is to win the championship!  Total prize money is $10,000, and it will be awarded as follows:

1st:      $5,000

2nd:     $2,500

3rd:      $1,500

4th:      $1,000

The initial cost of ownership will depend on multiple factors, but in general will be between $5,000 - $10,000.  There will be no franchise fee for the first 8 teams to join the league!  Annual dues will be $5,000.  Other expenses will include the cost of NAFL approved team uniforms, venue rental (if applicable), and regulation playing equipment.  This will include boards, goals, scorekeeping apparatus, and the like.  For more information or to request an application please email Admin@NAFLoorball.com.

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